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Toppits Foods was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa by Saul Pillemer in 1899. Initially, Toppits traded in basic staples such as flour, sugar and eggs. However, expansion into other food lines soon progressed and fish and seafood products became integral to the business.

In 1976, Toppits commenced operations in Toronto, Canada becoming a global, third generation family business. The focus in Canada would be fish and seafood bringing new species into the marketplace on a continuous basis. In 1983, Toppits introduced and marketed with great success an unfamiliar New Zealand species, Orange Roughy.

Today we are an importer and exporter of many lines of fish and seafood products as well as other frozen foods such as Italian vegetables, frozen crushed garlic and herb cubes, hors d'oeuvres and many other value added frozen products. We service all of the major foodservice distributors and retail chains in Canada, as well as export to other countries around the world.