In today’s new normal, in-person interviews are no longer the interview method of choice. Rather, to curb the spread and flatten the curve of COVID-19, phone and online calls have become the new normal. This article will provide you with some tips on how to successfully complete a online interview and give you an edge against other interviewees.

1. Be Prepared from a technology perspective

Even if you are a tech wiz, if the company wants to conduct the interview with a platform you have never used before, be sure to download, install, and test it ahead of time.Even if you have used the platform before, ensure you know who is calling who and what username is to be used for contact.Ensure you have a good internet connection, or phone reception depending on what type of technology you are using.

2. Calm, Cool, and Collected.

Like any other interview, you want to prepare yourself. Research the company and become confident in its background, ensure you know the name(s) of your interviewer as to address them by their name, and most importantly – RELAX. Staying calm, cool and collected, you can ensure you understand the question, process the question, and answer it in a cohesive and knowledgeable manner.

3. Appearance & Professionalism

An important factor in any interview is your appearance and professionalism. The term ‘dress for success’ comes to mind. Dress as if you were attending an interview in person, it provides a certain self-confidence. Especially important is the location where you choose to interview from – ensure its in a quiet spot where there is strong lighting if completing an interview through a visual platform. Also, think about the background behind you – does it look professional?  Does it at least look clean and tidy?  If it is simply a phone interview, ensure a space that is quiet with strong phone reception to ensure a clear and concise meeting.

4. Listen, then speak.

When face to face with someone for an interview, social cues usually prompt you to answer or start talking, unfortunately it can be difficult to notice these cues when talking over the phone or on a video interview. To avoid talking over the interviewer, ensure you hear the question, and don’t answer before they’re finished asking. Ensure your answers are concise and to the point without too much filler.  Remember to smile!

Showing that you can master an online or phone interview, shows that you can work well under pressure.  Good luck on your next Online/Phone!