Customer service is essential for client relationships and client trust. But why is it so important to have strong customer service consistently across your company?

Your brand image and customer loyalty will improve if all your staff are providing the best service possible. As a result, profits will rise, and customer reach and span will deepen.

These five tips will help you work with you team to provide outstanding customer service:

               Tip #1: Friendly behaviour

Simply being a friendly and kind person can go far in successful customer service. This tip may seem self explanatory but emotional responses can reflect on behaviours towards customers.

For example, if your staff and customer are having conflicting views this could mean rude or negative responses from to clients.

Ensuring constant friendly and positive responses, such as smiling, and an enthusiastic tone of voice can go far in your relationship building.

               Tip #2: Mandatory training

You want all your staff offering similar service and this can be done by providing employee training. The tools offered in training will help with an exceptional experience for the customer from start to finish.

From a management level, this may require some monitoring to ensure expectations are continually being met.

               Tip #3: Active listening

What’s better than be listened too and understood? The reason the customer is with you is to solve a need or want and it is your job to fulfil that.

The customer service cycle can work towards discovering a problem and recommending various solutions which can be found faster with active listening.

If your staff are not actively listening, your customers may experience frustration or feel ignored. These feelings can result in choosing a competitor over you.

               Tip #4: Be respectful

Avoid saying anything that could offend or disrespect their feelings, beliefs or attitudes. This means being respectful to their ideas and suggestions, even if you don’t completely agree.

Depending on the level of relationship, you can start to add personal opinions to why you believe one option is better than the other.

However remember, the customer is coming to you for a product or service, not the other way around.

               Tip #5: Personable relationships

“Hello Tim, how is your daughter liking her first year of post-secondary school?” It is questions like these that have personal touches, such as including the recipient’s name and memorable details.

Remembering facts about their life will intrinsically provide them a sense of pleasure that will increase their loyalty to your business.


Having consistent customer service and encouraging these expectations amongst your staff is the key to building long-lasting client relationships.