Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association

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Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association
1838 Elm Hill Pike Ste 136
Nashville, TN 37210

Phone: (615) 889-0136 or 800-238-8742
Fax:  (615) 889-2877
Website: http://www.tngrocer.org


The Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association is the only food trade association that represents all segments of Tennessee’s food market. Membership is comprised of retail grocery store and convenience store operations as well as food industry suppliers. 

Since 1978, TGCSA has been serving the needs of its members. The purposes of this association are to maintain a high standard of integrity and efficiency in the welfare of such industry; foster and promote the welfare of such business and to disseminate useful information in the best interest of the food industry and the public.

TGCSA is comprised of 18 members from the TGCSA membership that oversee the association activities. TGCSA's retail membership consist of 140 grocery retail members representing 700 grocery store locations and 73 convenience store members representing 434 convenience store locations.
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