Schratter Foods Inc

149 New Dutch Ln
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Company Information:
For the past seventy years, Ile de France has brought the perfect alliance of quality and epicurean pleasure to its family of soft gourmet cheese products. In the time-honored tradition of French cheese masters, Ile de France’s Brie and goat cheese products continue to be instantly recognized for their freshness and unique flavor by cheese enthusiasts
An early innovator, Mr. Schratter was the first importer to contract with a Grande Dame of the seas, the ocean liner ‘Ile de France’, which was newly equipped with refrigeration. Together they were the first to transport delicate Brie, the French ‘King of cheese,’ to America in 1936.

Today, the Ile de France® brand remains a top seller in the United States. The creamy Brie and scrumptious Goat cheese are superb entrées into the world of soft gourmet cheeses and are available at gourmet stores and supermarkets throughout the United States. As you seek out great cheese to share with friends and family, remember the man and the ocean liner who first introduced this traditional French delicacy to America. Enjoy!

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