As an employer/supervisor it important to realize that employees want recognition for their work. Acknowledgement and feedback keep people engaged and focused.

Employees want to feel involved and part of the company’s mission. It is a team effort and people want to be able to contribute and belong. Comradery is important and can be referred to as a company’s culture. Behaviors and values create an experience for your employees—it is how things get done. 

Employees work for wages, but they also work for experience and opportunity to form their life outside of work.

Interesting work is also important to employees. Work is something we do for a third of our week, every week, year after year. It is a huge bonus if you like what you do.

Do you offer your employees the opportunity to grow and learn?

Do they have a path for promotions?

Can you teach your team new skills to help them advance?

Setting goals and planning for the future need to be discussed and reviewed with your team throughout the year, and of course, during performance reviews.

A positive work environment is top of employees list of wants/needs. Good working conditions that promote trust, safety, cooperation, and accountability are most sought after.

Most people want to have a good relationship with supervisors and other colleagues. They want work to leave them feeling energized and free to be themselves to produce their best.

Resilient employees are valuable team members.   Talented team members are crucial to any business’ success.