National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA)

14 South Linn Street
Iowa City, IA 52240
Company Information:
Our 107 independent co-op members operate 133 storefronts in 32 states with combined annual sales of over $700 million.
The largest cooperative operates eight stores, generating over $100 million in annual sales, with more than 40,00 consumer owners. The smallest cooperative has less than $1 million in annual sales.
Same store sales growth in 2004 was 13.1% among the co-ops.
The median cooperative was founded in 1975.
Mission: NCGA will provide the vision, leadership and systems to catapult a virtual chain of food co-ops to a position of prominence in the natural foods industry.
Ends (Global): Thriving retail food co-ops working together with the strength of a national organization and the focus of a locally owned cooperative for a cost justified by the results with:
A1–A member-driven system.
A2– Resources optimized system-wide.
A3–An enhanced sense of community, based in cooperative values and environmental stewardship that builds social capital.
A4 –A dynamic system inspired by vision, innovation, and creative chaos.
A5–Enhanced value for members.

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