Missouri Grocers Association

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Missouri Grocers Association
315 North Ken Avenue
Springfield, Mo. 65802

Phone: (417) 831-6667
Website: http://www.missourigrocers.com


The Missouri Grocers Association (MGA), is a non-profit, state wide, organization representing over 1300 members; retailers, wholesalers, distributors, brokers, suppliers, vendors and manufacturers, that constitute the grocery industry in the State of Missouri. The state industry employs some 60,000 Missourians and generates nearly 10 billion dollars in annualized retail sales.

MGA members are represented in all areas of government, from promoting or opposing legislation to acting on members’ behalf in government programs such as WIC, EBT, Work Comp, Unemployment Insurance, Food Codes and Taxation.

MGA works closely at the federal level with national organizations such as National Grocers Association (NGA), Food Marketing Institute (FMI), and the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS). (Learn more.)