Le Grand Marketing Inc

720 N Valley St Ste C
Anaheim, CA 92801
Company Information:
Le Grand Marketing's presence in the Southern California food industry dates back to 1978. F&W Marketing was formed by Warren Draper and associates. Located a few miles south of Dodger Stadium, the company focused on bakery and deli related products such as chicken pies, fruit fillings, fresh delivered breads and rolls, fried fruit pies, and oriental cookies. In September 1983 Warren Draper separated from existing partners to form Le Grand Marketing with his son Geoff. They moved their offices to Montebello that same year. At this time the company decided to focus on products for supermarket service deli/ bakeries and for the foodservice industry. Warren's youngest son, Kevin, joined Le Grand in mid 1984, primarily to service foodservice accounts. Together with Geoff, the two brothers developed strong relationships with various key accounts and established product sales at all of the top restaurant distributors in Southern California. Marc Draper came to the firm in 1985 to focus on in-store and retail bakery. Marc's current responsibilities include bakery and ethnic distributors, as well as several key supermarket chains. Le Grand has recognized the value of supplying skilled bakery and deli technical support. They have maintained a staff of 5 full time technicians with up to 5 additional temporary technicians to assist with training of store employees, grand opening support, product rollouts,store resets, and program conversions. In March of 1989 the compa

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