Looking for a way to add some team building to your online gatherings? Let’s develop a way for your team to connect virtually, continue reading to learn about virtual event ideas, tips for planning an online company gathering and best practices. Hosting a virtual event takes attention just as an in-person event does.

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is any organized meet-up that takes place online rather than in a physical location.

Virtual Event Ideas:

  • Livestream a show or movie
  • Game party
  • Trivia
  • Wine and food pairing
  • Talent show

Tips for Planning an Online Gathering:

The first area to consider is incorporating components that call for engagement. Aim to have a highly interactive event. This helps keep the team energetic and involved with the purpose of the event: team building, a time to have fun and connect with others.

Be sure to maximize tools and technology. Do you use virtual tools to collaborate with your team? It works the same for hosting an online event- use the tools to assist and support. For example, to add a personable touch look to incorporate video or round-table speaking.

Finally, understanding your team is key: what are some of their interests or passions? What is the demographic you are dealing with? Your interns are going to have different wishes for a virtual event than your top executives.

Virtual Event Best Practices:

  • Create engagement opportunities during sessions
  • Use live polls and quizzes to interact with the team
  • Offer breakout rooms and networking opportunities (dependent on size of company)


Be sure to put some time into planning your virtual event as you would an in-person event. Don’t feel discouraged if technology does not act in your favour- it is normal! Just know that your team will appreciate the time you take into building the team in the best way you can in this virtual world.