Experiencing pre- interview jitters? Anxiety is high, nerves are built up and you are 100% freaking out!

There are ways to minimize these feelings by practicing, researching, allocating lots of time and thinking positively.

Follow the process below to help de-stress before an interview:

1. Practice

The more prepared you feel the less your brain will be thinking uncontrollable thoughts and forget information the day of the interview. Consider setting a plan to follow for how you will practice, such as following a calendar schedule.

For example, on Monday I will do self- preparation, Tuesday will be company research, Wednesday will be practicing common interview questions etc.

Meet up with friends, loved ones or mentors to role play an interview and gather feedback from their perspective. This is the best method to resemble the real interview.

2. Research

Investing time into company and industry research not only helps you feel prepared but shows your interest to the interviewer.

Think about it, if your friend remembers details about your life, don’t you feel a sense of interest from their end?

Consider pre-planning some questions to ask the interviewer that will allow you to showcase the company research you took the time to discover.

3. Lots of time

The day of the interview is where your stress levels may be the most extreme. Give yourself more time than less to help solve any problems that may arise.

Some potential issues may be outfit malfunctions, travel time and controlling increased stress levels. Rushing yourself will only make you feel less prepared for your interview.

Consider waking up earlier to ensure you have enough time to finish getting ready and get to the interview 15 minutes early.

4. Think positively

Our brains are wired to focus on the worst possible scenario, “I am going to suck at this interview!” Try to positively reinforce thoughts in your head that will in return, help you speak and act positively.

A good trick to feel happy and positive is to simply smile, this tricks your brain and brings your negative feeling down.


For more tips on interview preparation, see Tips for the Night Before Your Interview at CareersInFood.com.

Whatever feelings you are experiencing, stress, anxiety or maybe excitement? Just know you are not alone, do your best  -- that is all that can be asked, good luck with your interview!