You have been up all-night sick to your stomach it is taking a toll on your ability to make it into work.

Regardless of why you are sick, do you know how much detail to provide when calling your manager? You may be surprised to find that providing little detail does not mean your employer will think you’re lying.

Follow the process below when calling in sick to work:

1. Let your manager know ASAP

The sooner, the better when it comes to you not attending work. Your work does not just go away and depending on the timeline for completion, finding coverage for your work may be required.

Even if you are not sick enough to call in sick yet but can see your health worsening over time- communicate this!

2. Be honest

Do not try to make your sick situation more severe or dramatic than it needs to be.  This reflects poorly on your integrity and can be caught very easily.

If you mention that you need to get surgery, you can imagine the number of follow up questions you will have from your manager.

3. What to say

Simple statements to say:

“I am feeling sick and need to stay home.”

“I woke up sick and feel unwell to make it into work today.”

“My night was terrible, I felt so sick. I will have to stay home today.”

You want to say you are calling in sick for good reasons, such as, being contagious, sick to the point where you can’t work to begin with and disruptive to you coworkers and work environment.

4. How much detail

The level of details you provide is dependent on your discretion and relationship with your boss.

If you have a strong professional and personal relationship with your boss, you will feel more comfortable being honest about your sick leave.

With the details you provide, think about what you want to hear. Do you want to know all the details about someone vomiting? Probably not.

On the flipside, providing too little detail could make it seem like you are hiding something or lying.  Finding a good balance between too little and too much detail depends on your manager relationship, sickness seriousness and your comfort level. 

Before calling in sick, make sure to know what you are going to say, the level of detail and if the severity of your health is worth asking for the day off.

If you are reading this in the early morning before making that phone call, says feel better!