Applied for a job and wondering when you may hear back? You can hear back anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the industry and type of position you are applying for, but on average you can expect a response within one or two weeks.


For example, some variance for hearing a response can be a result of the size of the company, the needs of the company and the position, the experience level needed for and skills required for the position and the urgency to fill the role.

Many job postings provide the closing date and time, this helps both for when applying and gauging an approximate timeline on when you may hear back.

Here are some best practices when waiting to hear back from a job interview:

1. Write a follow-up email

If you have the contact information of the hiring manager for the role, reach out to them directly letting them know you’ve applied.

Five things to include in your email are:

  • Concise subject line, examples include, “Thank you for your time” or “Great to meet you today”
  • Say thank you in your first paragraph, show you appreciate being selected as an applicant in the hiring process
  • Touch on your interests, goals and experiences, remind the recruiter of the skill alignment for the open job’s responsibilities
  • Add in your competitive edge to differentiate yourself from the other applicants
  • End off with a signature and contact information

2. Patience

As mentioned in the opener, there are many factors that determine the timeline for picking a successful applicant. Remaining patient and motivated during the job search process will help with the waiting game.


Think about creative ways to reward yourself for being patient in the job search. For your hardwork and dedication, treat yourself to a reward for mini-milestones.

3. Stay organized

Use tools to your advantage to keep your hiring process organized. This can be done by organizing the jobs you're applying for by company name, role, application date etc.

This helps with tracking when an appropriate time to follow-up is! It can be easy to lose track of all the jobs and what was appealing about the role.


While you wait, make the most of your time! Keep monitoring your current network and job boards. offers featured supermarket and grocery jobs that can be filtered by job type, industry segment, and locations, as well as by company.