As summer approaches, we have more time to spend outside in the beautiful outdoors. More and more, the corporate world recognizes its role in preserving planet earth by being as environmentally-friendly as possible within the office.

Greening up your office space is good for the environment and your staff will value these initiatives to be eco-friendly.

Follow the five practices below to make an office space that treasures the environment:

1. Paper free

Limit paper usage and turn to paperless or electronic meetings. Think about how many meetings or events you have attended with wasted paper?

If paper is required, consider recycling it to be used more than once and for other purposes. For example, if only one side of the paper has writing on it, use the other side as reminder notes for the office.

Once paper has been fully used, be sure to have proper recycling process in the office to ensure it will be taken to the correct landfill space. This also applies to other products being recycled, such as plastics and food.

Ensure you make this easy, by providing recycle bins at each person’s desk.

2. Energy efficient appliances

It can be easy to forget to turn the light off when leaving room which results in unneeded (and even adds to your energy bill) energy usage.

Look into lights or appliances that have power-save modes and dishwashers that use less water and conserve energy.

Many states offer companies incentives to switch to different lighted sources and / to implement energy saving technologies, such as motion detector lights.

3. Commuting

Help organize amongst your staff some possible carpooling options. This will mitigate the carbon footprint with less cars driving to work each day.

Depending on the type of work environment (factory vs office), team members roles, and your office policy, allowing employees to work from home can also reduce emissions.   

4. Renewable energy

Maximize the use of that glowing star up there! If you have an abundance of windows in your office, encourage using natural light.

A second option is green power sources, such as solar and wind energy. This will require switching energy suppliers, but the long-term impacts on the environment can be worthwhile.

5. Environmental products

Purchasing behaviour for office supplies can be changed to favour brands that are environmentally conscious.

Look for products that have eco-friendly logos on the packaging (look for reduced packaging) and purchase in bulk  Limit plastic utensils and replace with permanent knives and forks.

Ask your staff what other suggestions they may have that are easy to implement, involving them in the process will lead to buy in, and will also likely result in great suggestions.

The above actions will help with the global green movement to preserve the earth and maintain a healthy ecosystem. By modelling these behaviours at the workplace, there is a higher chance that the actions will be mirrored at home.