G W Berkheimer Co Inc

5206 11th St
Rockford, IL 61109
Company Information:
G. W. Berkheimer Co., Inc. is proud to have established itself as a leading supplier of HVACR products and solutions to the professional contractor and service markets. The five letters "H", "V", "AC", and "R" provide a quick description of what the G.W. Berkheimer Company is all about. HVACR stands for "Heating", "Ventilation", "Air Conditioning", and "Refrigeration". Each of these terms encompasses a complete system that requires installation, service, and repair. G.W. Berkheimer is the professionals' source for all products related to installing and servicing these systems. The G.W. Berkheimer Company celebrates it's 65th anniversary in 2002. Our success can be attributed to our high standards in providing quality service and products and in our selection of employees who adhere to these standards. We are dedicated to providing the very best products, technical assistance, and the highest level of 'Excellence in Customer Service'.

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