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Frederick Wildman and Sons, LTD.
307 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022


The reorganization of Frederick Wildman and Sons, Ltd. in 1993 from a subsidiary of an international spirits company to a co-op of investors represented a unique undertaking. The participants in the acquisition believed that as an independent company, Wildman could best preserve the traditions of excellence and quality associated with its name, while expanding its portfolio and increasing its visibility.

In addition to Richard Cacciato, president and CEO of Frederick Wildman, the new ownership is comprised of Gruppo Italiano Vini, Hugel et Fils, Paul Jaboulet Aîné, Olivier Leflaive, Champagne Pol Roger, J. J. Vincent, and Pascal Jolivet. The suppliers’ interest in maintaining continuity in the American market--one they consider extremely important--is probably the primary reason for the investments.

When Wildman had its 65th anniversary in 1999, it celebrated as the third largest importer in the U. S. But with all of its growth, the familiar Wildman logo--created by the Colonel himself and found on each bottle Wildman sells--is still recognized around the country as a symbol of quality. The company has become what Cacciato calls, “the biggest little wine company in America.”