F C Bloxom & Co

PO Box 3737
Seattle, WA 98124
Company Information:
F.C. Bloxom Company began selling produce in Seattle over 70 years ago. Fred C. Bloxom had Yakima relatives involved in agriculture who needed a representative in the terminal market on Western Avenue in Seattle, WA. At the time Seattle was far enough away to make marketing and promotion of their own products too costly.

F.C. Bloxom Company moved into its current 17,000 square-foot location in July of 1992 to facilitate truck unloading, warehousing, and timing of deliveries and transshipment into ocean containers. Our client base includes Alaska, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Guam, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, as well as many South American countries. An increasing portion of our business is in the unloading of containers of foreign product. We are conveniently close to the container piers and the conflux of Interstate Highway 90 and Interstate Highway 5 as to service you with a variety of product lines from all points, both national and international.

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