With the holiday season right around the corner, some retailers and most grocery stores are bulking up their staff roster for the busy season ahead. When it comes to looking for seasonal positions, a lot of people only consider retail in terms of clothing and electronics – but why not grocery?

Whether you are a student looking for a part-time position for the holidays, or someone who is looking to make some extra money, a seasonal job in grocery could be perfect for you. Here are five reasons why you should consider a seasonal job in grocery:

1. Flexible Scheduling

Whether you are in school, working full-time, or have a completely open schedule, jobs at grocery stores often accommodate shifts around your schedule. There is a wide variety of opportunities in terms of scheduling, you can work 10 hours a week or if you are looking for more you can ask for more hours or even take shifts off co-workers. Flexibility is a key asset in any seasonal job, and it is something that a job in grocery has to offer!

2. Resume Building

A seasonal job at a grocery store can add new experience to your resume and can build on skills that you may not have had before. If you already have a full-time job and are just looking for extra money, this job will show the determination and drive you have as an individual to be successful. All experience is good experience, and even if you don’t add it to your resume, you will still gain valuable skills from the job.

3. Long list of coworkers to trade shifts with

If flexible scheduling isn’t enough, what about the long list of coworkers you can contact to trade shifts with! Grocery stores normally have a lot of employees, so trading shifts last minute is very possible. Whether you have a family event, or something unexpected shows up, you have a good chance of getting your shift switched.

4. Opportunity for a permanent employment

This perk may only pertain to a certain audience, but there is an opportunity to keep a permanent full-time or part-time position with the company after the holidays end. Yes, this may be the case with most seasonal jobs, but it is still a positive for getting a seasonal position in grocery and if you get in permanently there are a lot of opportunities for advancement.

5. Variety of Positions

Grocery stores have numerous different departments with a lot of different positions within. Most retail stores have limited options when it comes to seasonal positions but in grocery there are numerous positions for you to fill. There are store clerks, cashiers, baggers, meat cutters and some have bakery and take-out food options.  It may sound silly, but if you are considering a career in finance, logistics, or marketing to name just a few, working in grocery can expose you to many of those business aspects, which you can spin to your advantage in your resume.

By now you probably have a good idea of why a seasonal position in grocery can benefit you, so make sure when it comes time to apply you consider grocery. With the holiday season approaching quickly, ensure you apply early. The best time to apply for seasonal positions is in early October, so get to work!