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Acosta Sales and Marketing Company
6600 Corporate Center Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Phone: 904-281-9800


Founded in 1927, Acosta is a professional services company dedicated to delivering results, and we currently represent more #1 and #2 brands than any other sales agency in North America. That's why companies choose us to help them chart a course aimed toward success.

We work with every major food and grocery retailer in North America, offering our clients opportunities to get seamless coverage and huge efficiencies from north to south and east to west. We also represent nearly 25 percent of the inventory that hits store warehouses, including many product categories' leading brands. In fact, we are a proven resource for any company that wants to give its products the ultimate in momentum and selling power.

Everything we do is focused on where most consumers' buying decisions are made – at the shelf. That's where our people are. And that's where our sales record speaks for itself; we are the only agency to have the distinction of being a three-time winner of the Consumer 360 award for excellence in category management.