We all know how competitive the job market is nowadays, that is why CareersInGrocery.com wants you to get every edge you can in the job search process. One of the ways you can do this is with a carefully thought-out “thank you” letter to send after an interview.

A thank you letter is a great way to display your enthusiasm for the role and can give you an advantage over other candidates. Knowing how to write an effective thank-you letter can help leave a lasting impression on the reader, which is very beneficial when applying for jobs.

A thank-you email allows you to personally thank the interviewer for their time and consideration, as well as add something that you might not have stated in the interview. You can also take the opportunity to clarify some points that might not have been clear. CareersInGrocery.com presents 6 steps to writing a professional thank you letter.

It starts with the subject line

A subject line that is easy to notice and to the point will be eye-catching and set the email up for a great impression. The subject line should be concise, impactful, and tailored to you. A subject line such as “Thank you for the interview today” is good but you can always include your name or initials to make it more personal. Try to make your subject line specific, but short and sweet.

Greet the reader with salutations

The correct way to address the employer is with a salutation at the beginning of your email. Depending on your experience with the recipient, a formal or semi-formal salutation is recommended. Using “Good morning” or “Dear,” followed by their name is appropriate in most cases. Usually, it is suitable to address the interviewer by their first name, but if you are unsure, you may use their title (Mr./Mrs., etc.) followed by their last name.

Express gratitude and highlight specifics

Thank the interviewer for their time and state anything that might have stood out for you. Mention specific things such as if they provided insight into the company or gave tailored feedback towards the end of the interview. Ensure that the focus is on thanking the interviewer, while you demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role.

Bring up details from the interview

It is a good idea to share any additional moments from the interview that stood out and connect them specifically to the company’s name and the job title. Doing so will be easier for the interviewer to remember you and leave a good impression in their memory. You can also connect your interests to what you learned about the role in order to better position yourself for the job.

Finish with a call to action

Ideally, you want your interviewer to view you as a great candidate. Finishing with a call to action indicates that you are excited about the next steps of the hiring process and that you are looking forward to hearing from them. It is a good idea to set yourself apart by stating a personal statement on your unique value and skills that would be useful to the firm. The concluding part should be concise but effective.

Include a professional signoff

A polite and professional sign-off is necessary for every business letter. Common signoffs include “sincerely,” “Many thanks,” or “Best regards,”. Be sure to include your full name and contact info afterward so that the employer will know how to reach you. Ensure that the email you use is the email used when you first applied for the position.

Thank-you letter example

Below is a great example of a typical post-interview thank-you letter.

Subject: Many thanks for the interview today

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and the company in the interview earlier today. The opportunity for the role of Assistant Manager at Grocery Market sounds like a great one and a role that I would like to fill. I enjoyed learning more about the company’s core values and they really stood out to me because they are values that I hold true as well. The firm’s growth trajectory over time has been well established, and I would like nothing better than to contribute to the continued growth of the company.  

As an experienced Supervisor at Fine Foods, I possess strong transferable skills in managing people in a retail environment, I think can be of great use to your company. Through my skills and experiences, I believe I am an ideal fit for the role. I look forward to hearing from you when it is convenient. I am also available to answer any further questions you may have.


Sam Williamson


(533) 578-9841