4 Tips to Help Employees with a Smooth Transition Back to the Office 

Working from home full time was a new experience for many of us. While the time allowed us to be closer with family, reduce commute time, and dress a little less formally, many are excited to return to the workplace. 

As an employer, if you have decided that all office workers must return to the workplace, it is important to understand that some employees have become comfortable with telecommuting and ensuring a smooth transition back to the office will be critical to maintain employee satisfaction. Here are 4 tips for employers to follow if you have decided to bring the team back to the office. 

Ensure the Workplace is Safe and Healthy 

The COVID-19 virus has not been eliminated, and therefore there is still risk with in-person gatherings. Caution is still necessary, and as employers it is imperative that we create an environment that makes employees feel safe. Require vaccinations, masks when necessary, and increased cleaning protocols, enhanced hygienic practices are some simple ways to have those who are worried feel a little more comfortable. 

Return Slowly 

The absence of social interactions has had an impact on people’s mental health. Re-entering into a busy, social world may feel nerve racking for some people, and can provoke anxiety and stress. This can negatively influence the individual’s work ability. As employers, and as human beings, it is important to put mental health first and allow employees to return on a partial basis to start, until they are ready for a full in-person schedule. 

Make Changes 

For many employees, they have spent over a year working from home. While things are looking on the bright side for in person gatherings, countless workers have enjoyed the benefits the quarantine provided, such as reduced commuting costs and dressing more comfortably. As employers, consider any changes the employees might like to see in the workplace, and if appropriate and effective, implement them. 

Emphasize In-Person Benefits 

Working from home misses out on some of the best experiences about work. The morning coffee chats. The excitement in the room when a new idea is developed. Work celebrations, parties, and events. Remind employees of what they have missed by scheduling team projects, events and activities that are going to be fun and reminiscent. Be sure to celebrate the return to work.