Happy New Year! January 1st signals a fresh start and a new beginning for many. Roughly 50% of people will make New Year’s resolutions for self-improvement or change, however it is estimated that only 8% succeed.  

This year’s resolution might be to go out there and find your dream job. The beginning of a year is a good time to review your professional ambitions, reorganize your search efforts and create a plan that will lead to achievement and success.  

Set specific and practical goals to create a step-by-step process detailing how you will achieve your resolution(s). Here are some examples of resolutions and tips to stay on track in your endeavors.  

Become more self-aware  

Ask yourself what you really want out of your professional career. Spend time focusing on exactly what you want to gain from a job search and establish clearly defined and measurable goals. This is to ensure that you are dedicated and truly passionate about your goal and a chance to think whether you should stay on your current path or adjust your current career path.  

Never stop networking 

Expanding your contacts in person and through social media creates new opportunities for business, career advancement and personal growth. Networking is a great way to build social skills and self-confidence while learning how to make lasting connections. Exchanging information, advice, and support on challenges, experiences and goals broadens your perspective to valuable suggestions and guidance.  

 Build your personal brand  

It is important to establish a personal brand as a candidate for potential employers to find and learn more about you and your abilities. Consider a quick and concise elevator pitch to introduce yourself quickly and efficiently. As well, you may consider a profile rebrand, personal website, infographic or video resume, or an online work portfolio where you can visually make an impression and grab the attention of hiring managers. Keep it consistent across all social media platforms and anywhere else you can be found on the internet.  

Volunteer your time  

Volunteering and performing community service are a great way to help others, develop skills and meet new people. It is a chance to keep busy while exploring interests and discovering new possibilities. Volunteering adds to your experience and indicates how dedicated and hardworking you are to employers, even during your off hours. 

Commit to learning 

There is never not enough time to learn and add to your knowledge base. Learn and understand what skills and qualifications are necessary in your field to enhance your skill set and build your resume. Never stay stagnant in your career - seek a mentor, shadow a coworker, or sign up for certification courses.  

Optimize your work setup 

With a significant number of people and companies transitioning to working remote at least partially, it is a popular professional New Year’s resolution to set boundaries and maintain a proper work-life balance. Separate work and life by initiating a dedicated workspace and routine that best serves your productivity. For example, one may be productive on their laptop moving around in different spots, and another might prefer a more formal workplace with two monitors.   

With 2021 coming to an end, it is time to look toward a new year filled with promise and potential. Whatever your motivation may be, finding a new job or identifying a new career will not happen without some work. Stay diligent and stick to your goals to tailor your applications to specific jobs.