You may be reading this article while you’re working from home and in a remote location. You may also be questioning how you’re going to successfully conduct that video chat scheduled for 2:00pm.

By reading this article you can learn how to use popular platforms, proper etiquette and how to come across professionally- even while working from your home space!

Listed below are 10 tips on what to follow for a video conference:

Tip #1: Be attentive and pay attention

Just because you aren’t sitting in the same room as your co-workers doesn’t mean you behave differently. Aim to actively listen to show your team you are engaged during the call.

Tip #2: Pick the right setting

The right setting means good lighting, a clean space and choosing a camera angle that shows your face. Especially if this the first time meeting the people on the video chat, putting a face to the name adds a personable touch.

Tip #3: Charge your technology

To ensure a smooth meeting with no technology problems, be sure to charge your technology in advance and have a strong wifi connection.

Tip #4:Dress professionally

At least in the parts the camera can see! You want to maintain a proper hygiene routine and work appropriate clothing.

Tip #5: Talk slowly

Speak clearly as technology can cause a delay or disruption on the other person’s end. Use a good tone and be willing to repeat yourself.

Tip #6: Test the software

If this is your first time using a specific platform, educate yourself on how to use it. The installation process can take a few minutes to download onto your computer or laptop.

Additionally, you don’t want to end up in the situation where you accidentally leave your microphone on that will disrupt the call.

Tip #7: Distribute materials or documents in advance

To ensure full engagement and reduction of technical errors, send all materials needed before the video conference. This can help everyone feel more prepared and ready to answer any questions.

Tip #8: Use eye contact

As you would in person, be sure to look into the camera as if it were the other person's eyes. It can be easy to drift off and stare at your own image. If this becomes a problem, you can cover or hide your image.

Tip #9: Be personable and fun!

To lighten the mood and increase engagement, consider starting the meetings off with a set question that strikes conversation. Another fun method is the use of emoticons, have each co-worker describe each other using images rather than text!

Tip #10: Leave the call if you have an emergency

You can only limit the distractions at home so much and with greater responsibilities being placed on supporting families,do leave the call if you have an emergency.

Three popular video platforms where video chats take place are Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts.

A final tip is to end the video chat on a positive note, your co-workers and team may be struggling during COVID-19 and any support helps.

Help build a path of open communication and gather feedback to how everyone is coping with the transition and change, hearing that someone is in the same boat as you is reassuring!